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Click on one of the links on the left side of this page frame to visit some great veggie sites (see previews below).  There, you will find information about nutrition, restaurants, organizations, journals and magazines, and a bunch of recipes.   

More sites will be added as they are submitted.  If you operate a great veggie site, or know someone who does, send us an e-mail and let us have the URL....we'll visit the site, and if we feel it will benefit our visitors, we'll link the site to ours.  

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Vegetarian Society 
The word "vegetarian" was first used in England in 1847 by the people who started the Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom.  An excellent resource for all. 

International Vegetarian Union 
Bringing together vegetarian societies from all over the world (this site is in many languages). Discussions, news forums and more.Here's an Austrailan site: 

The Australian Vegetarian Society 
A not-for-profit organization which aims to spread the principals and advantages of vegetarianism. 

The World Guide to Vegetarianism 
A listing of vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly restaurants, stores, organizations, etc. 

Vegetarian Pages  
The Vegetarian Pages is intended to be an independent, definitive Internet guide for vegetarians, vegans and others. The Vegetarian Pages hosts many valuable resources too!  

Veggie Heaven 
Veggie Heaven is the place where you can find over 230 of the tastiest vegetarian and vegan recipes, a UK vegetarian restaurant guide, amazing facts and figures, and lots more. 

Moosewood Restaurant 
Legendary vegetarian cuisine from the famed Moosewood Restaurant. Sample recipes from their famous cookbooks. 

The Vegetarian Resource Group  
A site that features nutrition tips for teens and contact information for requesting a free brochure on starting a vegetarian group at your school.  

Teen Vegetarian  
A site for teens and by teens, it includes a teen veggie pen-pal list, recipes and reviews of vegetarian cook books.  

The Vegetarian Youth Network  
Features recipes and tons of great links.