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With her best-selling book: Vegetarian Children: A Supportive Guide For Parents, (McBooks: ISBN 0-935526-22-6) Sharon Yntema helps parent guide their kids to healthful, happy dietary choices.  In her practical and inspiring book she uses careful common sense and the wisdom of her own experience, as well as that of other vegetarian parents, to cover development issues, the pressures kids face from friends, the introduction of new foods, and the busy family's approach to making quick, appetizing meals. 
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Her straightforward and compelling. The author cogently discusses the safety and validity of vegetarianism for children. 
-American Library Association Booklist 

One of the chief pleasures in reading Sharon Yntema's book is the manner in which the writer takes care to apply the latest research into the benefits of following a vegetarian diet to the practical realities of everyday life at home. 
-South Wales Echo 

A recommended sourcebook for parents who are endearing to imbue their children with an attitude of living humanely on our planet with a reverence for life. 
-The Clarion Call 

About The Author 

Sharon Kathryn Yntema was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1951.  She grew up on St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin islands where her mother first introduced her to a vegetarian diet.  She received a B.A. in Psychology from Earlham College and an M.A. in Early Childhood Special Education from George Washington University.  Before her son was born in 1978, she worked as a child development specialist at the Day Care and Child Development Council in Ithaca, New York.  She still lives in Ithica where she works as the buyer/bookkeeper for a large independent bookstore.  Her vegetarian son continues to be very healthy, smart and tall, having passed his mother's 5'8" stature by age 14. 

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From the Introduction to the book 

     "Raising a child on a healthy vegetarian diet is one of the most concrete actions of love  parent can take. On  a physical level, exposure to healthy foods allow optimal growth and help prevent disease. On a social level, following a healthy vegetarian diet is a basic step toward increasing the chance that our planet will survive and flourish. 
     Vegetarianism is, for me, the idea parenting medium.  It allows me to nurture a healthy child and imbue him with important social values. The concept of connection between all living things is essential to vegetarianism. It leads me to a continuing interaction with others, widening my own knowledge of the world that I then share with my son. 
     I try to accept the differences among vegetarians and am willing to consider openly new information or idea that I had never encountered before.  One advantage of being a parent is that parenting is a process, not something that is ruined or created in one day.  As my understanding of vegetarianism deepens, my ability to relate in a healthy way to my family, and to the world at large, also grow. 

Vegetarian Children explores the effects of peer pressure on children and way in which parents can help counteract the dominance of a meat-eating, sugar-coated society. Parents need to realize that while they may be easily able to withstand teasing about their choice to be vegetarians, children will have a much harder time.  In fact, research suggests that parents who are too strict, without regard to a child's need for social acceptance, may inadvertently discourage their child from healthy eating habits.  Although the change may be hard to accept, the complete control one has over an infant's diet is not realistic as the baby gets older. It therefore seems better to offer support, encouragement, and most important, good role modeling. 

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