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    Sing-A-Long with Herb
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Written By: Jules Bass & Josh Konecky

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Sing-A-Long with Herb
Theme song for:  Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon
Lyrics:  Jules Bass (A.S.C.A.P.)
I love his carrots
   Love his peas
   His wok-wok broc-co-li, it sure does please
   Love his tomatoes, in his sauce
   Love those potatoes when they're baked by the boss-
   Love his green beans
   His corn soup
   His no-meat chili throws me for a loop
   Love his burgers made of Tee-Vee-Pee
   Love his salsa when it's hot as can be

I just love that dragon
That veggie dragon, Herb
You just can't beat his cookin' 
So Come on get Cookin' With Herb
   I love his onions
   Beans 'n' beets
   I love most everything this dragon eats
   Love that slush he makes with straw-berr-ies
   All you gotta do is mix it up and then freeze
   Love his pizza
   Pasta too
   His wild corn fritters make me say ya-hoo
   Love his peppers yellow-red and green
   He's the best veggie cooker that I ever have seen

You need "Realplayer to hear Herb Song. 
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Jules Bass is the "Bass" in Rankin/Bass Animated Entertainment, New York, producers of such films as The Hobbit (Peabody Award), The Last Unicorn,  Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty The Snowman and The Little Drummer  Boy, among others, His work as a writer/songwriter and producer/director has been seen in feature films, television, off-Broadway and heard on recordings,  Although  he has written extensively for children, Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon, is his first  picture book for children.   Jules lives in New York and France. 

Debbie Harter trained in jewelry design and life drawing at the Islington Institute of Adult Education and the Blackheath School of Art.  After finishing her studies, she created her own range of jewelry and designed greeting cards, but she now specializes in children's book illustrations.  

Her previous titles include: Who Are You? (Abbeville Books, 1996); Where's The Cat (Abbeville Books, 1996);  Walking Through The Jungle (Orchard Books, 1997);  Can You See The Red Balloon? (Orchard Books, ' 98);  and Bear In A Square (Barefoot Books, 1998).     Debbie lives in North London.