"Cooking With Herb," is a cookbook and storybook combined - with great recipes that kids and adults will love.  You'll be able to cook amazing stuff.  Even though the recipes are vegetarian (lacto-ova) you don't have to be a veggie head (like me!) to like them.  Surprise your meat-eating friends with dishes that seem to have meat in them but don't - like Chili Con "No"  
Carne."  Even the meat-eating Meathook gets fooled by that one.  Twenty recipes and lots of fun.  You can also buy it on the web at amazon.com or bn.com or direct from the publisher at www.barefoot-books.com. 


Each year the ABA (The American Booksellers Association, which is a respected group of independent booksellers) picks out what they feel are the best books of the season and prints the list in their weekly publication, "Bookselling This Week." Cooking With Herb, TheVegetarian Dragon - A Cookbook For Kids (we're pleased to announce,) was right near the top of their list of the best picture books for children. Barefoot Books, Herb, Jules Bass and Debbie Harter are all very proud of that. 

Veggie Dragon Herb makes it easy for kids to cook.  As the author and recipe writer of Cooking With Herb (actually Herb dictated everything to me since he can't type with those big dragon-paws of his), the first thing I would like to say is that you donít have to be a vegetarian to have fun cooking with Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon. With a little help from his friends Rosie-Rose, Gorse and his beloved Grand-Ma-Ma-Flora, Herb demonstrates that vegetarian food can be just as delicious as meat-based dishes.

'Cooking With Herb' BOOK 

Here's one to wet your appetite:  Ever had a Strawberry Slurp?  
Here's what you'll have to hunt up: 2 cups of strawberries & 2/3 cup  of medium simple syrup   Step 1:  Making simple syrup: Slowly cook 2/3  cup of sugar with 1 cup of water until sugar is dissolved. Cook it some more until you've got only 2/3 cup - and let it cool before using.         Step 2:  Add berries to a food processor fitted with a steel knife and pulse until they're chopped finely.   Step 3:  In a glass bowl mix berries and syrup and scrape into a plastic container with a lid.  Freeze it.   Step 4:  Set bottom of container in hot water for a moment to loosen the slush.  While still in container, cut with dull knife into small chunks and plop into the processor. Process for a minute or less-until it's a  creamy frozen yummy glob. Scrape down sides and process for another 5 seconds. To Serve: Spoon in chilled glasses. Add a berry.  


What will it take to pull a really big  turnip out of the ground?  You'll never find out unless you read BAREFOOT BOOKS' newest title: The Gigantic Turnip, written by Aleksei Tolstoy and illustrated by Niamh Sharkey (hardback, 40 pages, ISBN 1 902283 11 2) A great beginner's book for ages 2-6.  It's a classic folk tale that's been loved by generations of children.  In this version, the old man who plants the turnip has to call on his wife, cows, pigs, chickens, cats, canaries and finally on one small mouse.  You'll love it! 


We have some great links for kids and grown-ups on the DragonHerb site.  Look at  SAVE THE CHILDREN.  It's an important site that helps needy children - and there are lots of fun gifts to buy. You can read excerpts from Sharon Yntemna's book: Vegetarian Children (McBooks)  It's the best on the subject of raising veggie kids.  To find great new vegetarian recipes click on THE GREENS.  Annie Somerville has written a wonderful vegetarian cookbook: FIELDS OF GREENS, and we've arranged for you to get some free recipes.

HOT NEWS:  Herb has just been signed by BBC Vegetarian Good Food Magazine to continue his popular column in their monthly magazine throughout the year 2000.  So, look for it at your local magazine shop. 

The London Times put Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon on its January list of best books for children, saying: "The year got off to a splatting, stomping roaring start...(Herb is)...a tale of battle, burning, espionage, and involves a threatened beheading by a black-hooded executioner with an axe. But, all ends well...a happy book."   Wow, Herb makes the London Times list!!!  You have to be impressed with THAT!  Herb almost fainted!  Had to mix up a quick carrot juice to revive him! 


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