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Bookmark this page as your "One-Stop" for internet enjoyment for your children.   

Welcome to Herb's Fun Area For Kids where they can enter a contest and win a prize, solve a quiz, play games, send a greeting card to a friend or family member, enjoy coloring book activities, visit popular kids sites, .... and lots, lots more.  


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Sesame Street    
Dr. Seuss    
Peter Rabbit    
Curious George    
Magic School Bus    
Owl Kids Online  
K-12 Internet School Sites  
K-12 Resources   
Literature For Children   
Science Learning Network   
Kids Learn To Read    
Spelling Bee  
Writing Well   

Send Someone An On-Line Greeting Card  

American Girl 
Sports Illustrated For Kids 
National Geographic For Kids 

Cherry Valley Books  
The Home Of British Children's Books   
Alphabet Street Books for Children in the U.K. - Children's book section  

Artwork of all kinds for your kids to enjoy including coloring book pages, paper creations, stained glass making...and lots more. 

A character created by P.G. Woodhouse, who kids can ask any question  and get an immediate answer (such as why do bees make honey?).  Jeeves even talks. Great for interaction between parents and children.    
Kids Click   
A web site created by librarians for kids. You'll find lots of activities such as  music, drawing, theater, ghosts, cars, spacecraft, stories, poetry, pets,   hobbies and crafts.   

If your child likes to write stories, this is the site for you. Send in your stories and they'll be placed on the web.  You can tell friends to go to the web site to look at your story and even go there yourself and check to see how many people looked at your story. More than 26,000 stories written by kids from all over the planet.   

Kids Space  
A place for kids to hang around on the Net. There are lots of activities such as pictures, stories, movies, penpals, web pages by kids…and more. Plenty of information on how to use the Net with your children. Parents can participate.   
Contests for Kids  
Kids can enter these contests – AND WIN PRIZES but parental guidance is recommended.   Many people will enter these contests, only a few lucky ones will win.   

An online magazine made by kids, for kids. Visit the reading room and   
art gallery. Listen to music compositions by other children.   
A cross between a riddle and a "doodle". Look at the picture and try to figure out the riddle within the image (correct answers are available).  
Imagination Station 
LEARN HOW TO DRAW! Whether you're a Genius Student (all students are geniuses), a Parent/Teacher/Hero (all parents and teachers are heroes), or a Grown Up who's always wanted to learn (everybody can learn how to draw), Mark Kistler can help you blast off to amazing 3D drawing adventures! Mark has taught over 40 million students in 17 countries around the world how to draw in 3-D. He can teach you too!  
Dinosaurs for kids  

All kids like dinosaurs. Below are some great sites where you can enjoy a lot of dinosaur stuff and look at some really cool pictures:   

The Children's Museam of Indianapolis     
The Gallery Of Dinosaur Art    
Zoom Dinosaurs    
A comprehensive on-line hypertext book about dinosaurs. It is designed for students of all ages and levels of comprehension. It has an easy-to-use structure that allows readers to start at a basic level on each topic, and then to progress to much more advanced information as desired, simply by clicking on links.  

Astronomy Picture of the Day      
Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.   
A web site that will let you find out about all the men and women people admire as Heros…A teacher hero, an artist hero, a business hero etc. You can sign the hero guestbook and write about your hero for every one to see.    
Kids Report   
Read what other kids think about Web sites. Real kids write about real K-12 web sites.  The KIDS Report is a biweekly publication produced by K-12 students as a resource to other K-12 students. It is an ongoing, cooperative effort of 12 classrooms from around the United States. Teachers assist and provide support, however students select and annotate all resources included in every issue of the KIDS Report. The publication is supported by the Internet Scout Project.  

National Wildlife Federation Kids Stuff    
Games, riddles and facts about animals. An educational tour of water, wetlands, endangered species and U.S. Public lands, and other fun science sites.   

Making paper is fun, and some thing you can do at home…so make some paper and use it to write a  note to a friend.    
Early Childhood Pre-School Site   
The Idea Box Pre-School Site   
Web sites designed especially for pre-schoolers, with colorful pictures and simple writing (animals and stories). There are seasonal activities, craft ideas, preschool projects, printable pages of worksheets, music activities, kids cooking activities, and more.   
Entertaining Sites For Kids   
Comics, cartoons, writing, art, science, games, sports, toys, music, entertainment and stories.  
Net Mom  

Solve a Mystery    
Read mystery stories and solve mysteries on this web site. Write one and enter it in a contest. Learn a new magic trick.  

Wendy's World Of Stories For Children  
A wonderful, charming site, with a collection of stories for children: poetry, myths, fairy tales, fables, campfire stories, and original stories and poems. Help your children learn how to read by exploring Wendy's site with them.   

String Figures  
String figures like those created when you play the "Cat's Cradle Game" - figures made from a loop of string which you wind around your fingers. See how to make figures by yourself or with another person by passing the loops back and forth.  

Sugar Bush/Treasure Hunt   
Stories by kids displayed in large type for easy reading, with links to information about story characters. This site also has a collection of craft projects, and a "treasure hunt".  A good place for youngsters to get started on the web.  

White House Tour For Kids   
Take your kids on a tour of the White House. Read about its history, the President, children of various Presidents, White House Pets, etc.  You can send a letter to the President if you want.   
A kid's version of the famous Yahoo site.  

Yucky Stuff   
Come right in and visit "Worm World" and "Cockroach World". An interesting learning experience.   

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